Rachel Paige
Updated Aug 01, 2015 @ 3:45 pm

We’ve still got one more big superhero movie before the end of summer, and that’s Fantastic Four. The cast — Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan, and Jamie Bell — are in the middle of a huge promotional tour before the movie’s August 7 release. Recently, three of them, Mara, Jordan and Bell, stopped by WNNX Rock 100.5 in Atlanta for an interview. It’s there that they found themselves in the middle of a widely offensive and incredibly awkward interview. We’re going to see these three save the world in a week, but there’s no way they could have saved this question and answer session.

First off, the two DJs, Jason Bailey and Southside Steve, ask the cast if they’ve seen the movie. The cast has not seen the completed film, no. One of the DJ’s immediately remarks, “you just know your scenes and that’s it?” Well, this interview is already reminiscent of Cara Delevingne’s super-awkward interview earlier this week. While her’s was quickly cut short, this Fantastic Four interview is not.

One of the DJs then brings up the fact that “you’re white and you’re black” referring to Kate Mara and Michael B. Jordan, who play siblings Sue Storm and Johnny storm in the movie. Even though it’s already been mentioned in interviews, AND one of the trailers that Sue Storm is adopted, the DJ still felt the need to question it again asking, “how does that happen?”

Jordan steps in to answer this question, immediately shutting Bailey down by mentioning that “they could be raised as brother and sister. There’s a whole bunch of family dynamics that could be [happening] without the ‘obvious adoption.'” Perfect response. Except that the DJs still don’t get it, and continue to wonder if there’s going to be some big backstory as to how these two could be brother and sister, like it’s a weird thing for this day and age. Umm, it’s not WNNX DJs, but let’s move on.

And we do move on to, Mara being called “way, way hot!” Mara’s now sporting an adorable pixie cut, and she’s asked why she cut her hair. The DJs can’t hide the fact that they don’t like her new haircut, and ask repeatedly why she got rid of her hair. The reason? For a new movie, Mara explains, and it’s clear she’s uncomfortable from the strong focus on her HAIR. Not her acting skills, not the fact that she’s about to become superhero Sue Storm, but her HAIR. Mara deadpans, “This is a great interview.”

Thankfully, the interview is cut just before the 5 minute mark, but it still went on for 5 minutes too long. At least Mara, Jordan, and Bell handed the thing like pros and refused to let themselves be wound up by these two DJs. Just another reason why this crew is fantastic.

If you want to watch the whole awkward interview you can check it out here. And let’s put an official stop to these rude, offensive, and irrelevant interview questions, mmmmk?

(Image via Fox)