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Anyone new to the world of fandoms knows just how intimidating it can be dealing with the more experienced fans. I know I’m not the only one who’s had to deal with the “gatekeepers” demanding proof of my deep and profound knowledge of every obscure fact from a show’s canon.

While I learned a while back to ignore the haters and celebrate in the joys of being a novice, I can’t help but wish there was somewhere I could go to learn more about the complexities of the many different fandoms without judgment, especially before going to a con where I’m surrounded by some of the most hardcore fans around. I’ve also found myself wishing that my college offered courses in Harry Potter or Game of Thrones.

Now, I can have both with the introduction of Geeky U by the team members that bring us GeekyNews and GeekyCon. It’s almost as good as being able to major in a fandom, except without the crippling student loans and the diploma of course. Geeky U will start this summer, and it will be open to all those who’ve purchased registration to GeekyCon, a convention in July dedicated to celebrating the community of fandoms.

Geeky U will offer courses in everything fandom related, from the basics of the Star Wars universe, to the complexities of the Dothraki language in Game of Thrones, taught by the man who developed the language himself, David Peterson. You can check out some of the courses planned for the summer here and then buy your tickets at GeekyCon’s registration page. For once I can say with absolute certainty that I can’t wait for summer school to be in session!

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