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Updated May 30, 2016 @ 3:40 pm
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This season of Game of Thrones has been already been an emotional roller coaster. And if you’re not caught up on the ride (aka the season) be aware that this article will have some Season 6 spoilers. Here’s Melisandre with a Bravos-style greeting as you happily go about your day.

It's okay, Monte, she doesn't mean it...
It's okay, Monte, she doesn't mean it...
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At this point in the series, fans of both the show and the books know there’s one major character who hasn’t yet been introduced at all. Well, to be fair, there are lots of major characters who haven’t (and won’t) be introduced, this one is different. Her name is Lady Stoneheart and we already have met her. Sort of.

Lady Stoneheart is the resurrected corpse of everybody’s favorite Tully turned loving Stark, Catelyn. In the books, the brotherhood without banners takes the Lady’s corpse (Thank you, Red Wedding) and brings it back to life (and we know from Arya’s time with them that they totally have the capability to do it). Many fans of the books were surprised that the character hasn’t yet shown up in the series since she has a major hand in the fates of other characters.

There was some speculation that the show may just skip over the character altogether and find other ways of getting to the same fates. People also thought that maybe the showrunners didn’t want to show a major character’s resurrection because it would take away from the (year-long) speculation about Jon Snow’s death. But now that Jaime Lannister and Brienne of Tarth are both headed to Riverrun (where Lady Stoneheart, aka Catelyn Stark, happens to be from) to deal with her brother the Blackfish, all the dominos are finally in place for the character’s big reveal.

And, from what we know of Lady Stoneheart, she will definitely make an entrance (you know, if the show decides to bring her in).

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This season has already been filled with tons of stories of resurrection, both literal and metaphorical. From Jon Snow’s most obvious return to the resurrection of Arya Stark (with her reclaiming Needle and seemingly giving up her quest to give up her identity and serve the Faceless God) to Daenerys’ return to her rightful place as Khaleesi, it would definitely fit with the season’s overall theme. And it’s likely no coincidence that another Stark we thought was dead just happened to pop up, resurrected and transformed, in the last episode.

Hopefully we can see this badass character make a memorable appearance. And, while they’re at it, maybe we can bring back Robb Stark just, you know, because? (*SWOONS AND CRIES FOREVER*)

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