Big Bed1

Do you remember crawling into your parents’ bed at night after you had a nightmare? It was always cramped and sweaty, and somebody would always end up kicking somebody else out. The Boyce’s don’t have that problem. They created one giant family bed out of IKEA bed parts, and turned it into the fort of your dreams

Part bunk bed, part big bed, this contraption sleeps seven people — and comfortably. There are shelves and two nightstands, as well as curtains and decorations. Elizabeth and Tom Boyce used their blog to explain the story behind their creation:

This, combined with the fact that they always slept together when they were traveling anyways, made the decision a no-brainer. Plus, Elizabeth confesses, it’s cute!

She answers some other frequently asked questions, like, don’t they wake each other up? No, actually. They built the bed in such a way that everyone has easy access in and out without crawling all over people. And, the big one, how did they do it? Elizabeth actually wrote a whole post on that, so you can do it for yourself. Just maybe run it by the rest of your family first.

(Image via Elizabeth Boyce.)