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Updated May 27, 2015 @ 9:52 am
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In anticipation for the sure to be record-breaking movie, I picked up a copy of John Green’s Paper Towns. I read The Fault in our Stars last summer in less than six hours because I fell in love with the characters and the tragic love story that has now become a staple in our culture. John Green’s magical story stole my heart yet again with Paper Towns. No spoilers, but this story will make you laugh, cry, and feel a deep connection with characters. But I realized that the kind of emotions I was feelings about John Green weren’t unique:With any page-turning good book, you go through a roller coaster of emotions that leave your mind racing and your heart pumping by the time you finish.

Here are all the stages of falling in love with a book.

Giddy excitement like a 6 year-old on Christmas morning

Nothing is better than getting a brand new (or lovingly used) book. I love flipping through the pages of a book that is filled with characters, stories, tragedies, and humor that I have no knowledge of, yet. A huge smile fills my face and giddiness resonates throughout my body as I prepare to enter a new world and become part of the story.

Going into a total veg-out zone as you get absorbed into the narrative

You become so involved in the story that even a person blowing an air horn in your ear won’t produce a flinch (okay, maybe a tiny flinch). You find yourself sprawled out on the couch with the pillows perfectly conformed to the position of your neck. The only movement you make is in your arms to turn the pages and take a sip of your coffee. Time becomes irrelevant and you only realize it is night time because the sun is no longer there to provide enough light to read.

You try to read slower so that the book lasts longer

This may be the time when you are more than half way done with the book and you know you’re about to get to the best part. Without question, you know you could finish the book in less than 2 hours but you never want the story to end or the characters to leave your life. You think that it’s probably about time you had some social interaction with people other than the characters in your book so you head out for happy hour with friends. However, in the back of your head all you can think about is being at home with your head back in your book.

You emit a tiny scream to yourself when a major plot twist happens

It happened. The major plot twist. I’m talking about the moment in Gone Girl…well, you know the one. Normally this moment happens in the last 100-150 pages in the book. You go full on marathon sprint to find out what happens. You can’t remember the last time you blinked, flies have probably flown into your wide open mouth, and your body feels paralyzed due to the shock still lingering in your body.

Going through withdrawal once the book ends

You have turned the final page, read every single word 6 times in the last sentence, and heard the pages fold together as you close the back cover. Unless there is a sequel, the story will forever be finished. The characters whose lives you have become a part of are gone. You mope around your house wishing you could have amnesia to forget everything you have ever read and start the book all over again. You walk over to your bookshelf but are reluctant to start a new book because you can’t imagine how another book will be as amazing as the one you just finished. That is until a witty title or striking book cover catches your eye and you start the process all over again.

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