Emily Baines
June 05, 2016 7:50 am
Universal Pictures

It’s a trope so common we joke about it: the romantic dash to the airport, where one lovebird runs through a busy terminal to tell their unsuspecting soulmate they love them. Travel plans are cancelled, the reunited couple lives happily ever after, roll credits. Of course, in real life a romantic dash through the airport is near impossible (TSA, anyone?). Writer Kit Lovelace shared his own romantic misadventure at the airport in a series of tweets:

Aw. Even a romantic will admit that a good friendship is a pretty great ending to a failed passion. True romantics would also agree that if it didn’t work out, it clearly wasn’t Kit Lovelace’s love story! How great is it that the two were able to work through the awkwardness and stay friends?

In silver lining news, Lovelace has turned his “romantic misadventures” into an interactive adventure-memoir available for purchase! We can’t wait to see what hijinks Lovelace gets into next… but hopefully ones that involve a happy, love-filled ending.