Crystal Ro
September 01, 2016 3:48 pm
VCG / Getty

You’re probably familiar with the recent controversy over a Muslim woman being forced to remove her burkini in France, right? The situation was outrageous, and there were plenty of brilliant responses to it, too.

Ready for action!

Matt King / Getty

But before the word “burkini” entered the global stage, there was a thing called the “facekini” – a literal bathing suit for your face (although, it’s really more of a sunshield for the skin on your face) – and its popularity in China is still going strong. According to the New York Times, this unique swimming accessory is popular on China’s coastal town of Qingdao where women wear it to protect their skin from the sun.

The look may surprise you, but to Chinese beachgoers, it’s a pretty common thing – and frankly, we’re kinda digging it, too!

There’s simple facekinis like this pink one.

Or these more ornate ones with beautiful patterns.

And this facekini with a very avant-garde design.

Honestly? These women look like superheroes…and we LOVE IT!

If anyone asked these women to take off their facekinis at the beach, we’d bet they could kick some serious mansplaining, butt!