Jill Layton
September 18, 2016 7:33 am

Bunmi Laditan is a mom. She’s a mom who loves her children with all of her heart, but she also really, really loves her alone time after they’ve gone to bed.

In a recent Facebook post that has gone viral, Laditan wrote about one night in particular where all she wanted to do was spend time doing what SHE wanted, but instead sacrificed her alone time for the sake of her child.

And her words are beautiful and so relatable for parents everywhere.

She goes on to say that an hour after she tucked everyone in, she heard her three-year-old son wail. He was sweaty, really upset and really awake. She tried all the usual tricks to calm him down and get him back to sleep.
Warner Bros./ giphy.com

Her first instinct was to rush through it — to try and get him back to sleep as quickly as possible. Because Netflix and relaxation time was waiting in the other room. But she knew it was one of those things that can’t be rushed.

She knew that her son simply needed her to sit by his bed and hold his hand until he fell asleep, so leaving her other intentions for the night behind, that’s exactly what she did.

 And it worked. He fell asleep with his mom by his side.

What a beautiful life lesson we’re so grateful she shared.