Nikita Richardson
Updated Apr 09, 2016 @ 8:28 am
facebook messenger
Credit: Shutterstock

Remember when Facebook forced everyone to download a separate Messenger app on their phone? Well, there’s always been a method to that madness and a major part of Facebook’s constantly evolving bottom line.

According to TechCrunch, the Silicon Valley company rolled out a slew of new features for the app aimed at connecting Facebook users with businesses (and vice versa). Among these new components is Messenger Links and Messenger Codes, both of which will enable businesses to communicate directly with users.

But before businesses get in on that, they’re going to need to lock down their vanity URLs like because once these new features roll out that vanity URL will become a business’ handle on Facebook (i.e. @lilysflowers).

Once a company has locked down their URL, they’ll be all set to use Messengers Links and Codes. The Links are short URLs formatted as (i.e. that once clicked will immediately open a chat between a business and a Facebook user while Codes are will be scannable codes similar to QR codes that users will be able to scan with their phone camera in messenger to open up a chat with a business. Before long, you’ll spot these codes on websites, ads, or other marketing materials as a way to instantly connect with companies. And finally, businesses will be able to set up Messenger Greetings, so that when users do reach out, they’ll be immediately met with a prepared greeting of the business’ choice.

That’s all well and good, but what about the everyday users? Well, Facebook has you in mind, too. Pretty soon, Facebook users will have their own usernames, links, and codes. In other words, users will become their own brands, so to speak, in the near future.

So prepare yourselves Facebook users because your next big conversation may be with a business trying to connect with the billion-plus users on the social media.