Looks like Facebook has some big plans for their Messenger app

Everybody wants to know what Facebook has up its sleeve, but a source at TechCrunch was the first to get a glimpse of what seems to be an exciting new feature coming to a Dock near you: Facebook Messenger for Mac.

The source spotted a Facebook employee using what looked like a desktop version of the social media platform’s messaging service, or at least, something completely new that definitely hasn’t been released to the public:

This isn’t the first change that’s happened to Facebook Messenger recently. Back in the summer, the app became its own Facebook-optional entity and now they’re taking it one step further, eliminating the need for a browser altogether. While most of what is known is speculation (Facebook declined to comment on the photo), it seems Facebook Messenger for Mac would rival the iMessage for Mac app, existing as its own program rather than as one of many tabs. The set up looks similar as well. What gives it away is the Messenger logo on the right column, and the names matched with what look like Facebook profile photos on the left.

Unfortunately, we can’t get a good look at any of the conversations, which are likely about the future of the app, or, “I hope nobody sees me using this” followed by “LOL” and a Pusheen cat.

(Image via ymgerman / Shutterstock.com)

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