Daryl Lindsey
February 15, 2017 1:59 pm
Tess Newall/Facebook

After a dry cleaning shop lost a Scotland woman’s 147-year-old wedding dress, Facebook users helped her reunite with the precious family heirloom.

On her wedding day, Tess Newall wore the dress that her great, great grandmother had worn at her own wedding in 1870.

After the wedding, she took it to Kleen Cleaners in Edinburgh. When the dry cleaning shop went out of business, it was reported that the dress had been lost or stolen.

The public Facebook post went viral, with more than 301,000 shares. Thanks to the post, the landlord who owned the building that had once housed the shop decided to poke around. 

While searching the premises, he came across a “crumpled heap of antique lace on the floor,” which was, in fact, the missing dress.

Sometimes the internet can accomplish truly amazing things.