Jessica Ellis
March 05, 2016 9:30 am
Facebook/Disney Face Swap Tumblr

We’re still not sure how to feel about face-swapping, an Internet novelty that allows you to switch the face of one person in a photo with another. It was inevitable that Disney would get involved eventually, and we are now re-envisioning the Mouse House’s classics with some bizarre, horrifying, and sometimes emotion-changing twists thanks to these insane photos. Here are some new film summaries for our favorite Disney movies based on these freaky face-swaps.

The Little Mermaid

A vain, popular mermaid tortures an innocent and friendly sea-witch who just wants to try out for the All-Ocean Singing competition.


Misfit villain Shan-Yu finds sympathy for the Chinese village he’s meant to invade when a doll reminds him of his true self. Complications ensue when he begins to believe that the doll is his true love.

The Lion King

A privileged and conniving lion cub plots the demise of his kindhearted uncle to prevent any competition for his throne.

The Emperor’s New Groove

A man-faced llama and a llama-faced man team up as unstoppable allies, irritated about absolutely everything. Can they form a true friendship in time to save both the empire and the domestic animal kingdom?

The Princess and the Frog

A wealthy New Orleans girl who can’t attract a husband because of her frog-like looks seeks out the prettiest frog in the nearby swamp for beauty tips. Both are stunned to discover they’re fraternal twins, separated at birth/spawning.

Beauty and the Beast

Oh man. Okay. In a re-telling of Cyrano De Bergerac, a country girl tries to win the love of the Beast, the only creature in the kingdom more terrifying to look at than herself.



What do you think guys, is face-swapping Disney characters a fun new way to procrastinate online, or the spawn of an unspeakable demon? Discuss.