Jessica Ellis
June 04, 2016 7:42 am

We’re talking about true love, people, and it starts on Monday with the return of Lifetime’s UnREAL! While there’s no doubt plenty of twists and turns to come in this girl-power-anthem/TV show, here’s everything we know so far about Quinn, Rachel, Chet, Jeremy, and our new Everlasting cast.

Quinn and Rachel start as an unstoppable team

Unlike last year, where Rachel was very much the prodigal daughter to Quinn’s wicked/loving step-mother, this year finds both women with major power and a sisterly bond. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the two have even cemented their partnership with matching wrist tattoos that read “Money Dick Power.”

Chet has gone through some changes, and not for the better

Vulture recently reported that Chet, the drug and sex-addled co-creator of Everlasting, has spent the hiatus getting in shape and, unfortunately for every woman in the vicinity, becoming a men’s rights activist. This is obviously going to cause huge problems, especially for Quinn, Chet’s former lover. Showrunner Sarah Gertrude Shapiro told Vulture the story angle was intriguing since “as a lifelong feminist, I thought it was really fascinating … but terrifying.”


The new suitor is groundbreaking

Rachel and Quinn score a victory early on by casting the show’s first African-American suitor, an NFL quarterback named Darius. The show didn’t shy away from discussing race in the first season, and it looks like that conversation will get much more serious in season two. Played by Agents of SHIELD veteran BJ Britt, the new character of Darius definitely struggles with his role in the show. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Britt said of Darius, “His job is to stay squeaky-clean, to be seen and not heard, so this is going to be difficult for him.” Oh PS he’s gorgeous.


The new contestants up the drama

Of course, what’s a season of Everlasting (or UnREAL for that matter) without a group of female contestants chosen specifically to cause draaaaama? Some of the girls, including a racist and a black activist, are clearly there to keep the racial issues Quinn and Rachel are going for simmering on the stove. Another, according to Vulture, has ties to terrorism! One of the most interesting newbies, however, is “Hot Rachel,” a contestant who is the TV-friendly spitting image of our favorite ball-of-issues producer. Oh boy, that couldn’t possibly cause any problems, could it?

An MRA, a female power team, a barrier-breaking suitor, and a boatload of intense female competitors? Sounds like the stage is definitely set for fireworks on UnREAL season 2, but we don’t think they’re going to be the romantic kind…