Briana Hansen
June 11, 2016 10:55 am
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Grab your whips and hide your snakes because Indiana Jones is making an extremely exciting comeback for the long-anticipated Indiana Jones 5. And now, thanks to MoviePilot, we have the lowdown on some of the juiciest details about the revival.

While Chris Pratt and Robert Pattison were rumored to be circling for the chance to wear the tattered fedora and figure out ancient mysteries, Disney confirmed that Harrison Ford will be returning for the new sequel. News like that deserves an official and grateful hat tip.

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Since it isn’t set to be released until July 19, 2019 (anyone have access to a time-machine so we can get there already?), there are very few details about the nature of the film itself aside from the few people who have been announced as attached.

Directing, of course, will be the amazing Steven Spielberg while the iconic John Williams will be composing the score. The script will be written by David Koepp (who also wrote Jurassic Park and Mission: Impossible amongst others) and is currently being developed.

Of course, the Indiana Jones franchise did have another movie that attempted to revive the classic trilogy (Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull). But it focused on Indy’s son and this film seems to promise a much sharper focus on the Indiana we know and love. And while Crystal Skull was definitely fun to watch (let’s face it: any story set in this world would be fun watch), there’s really nothing like the original trilogy. The fact that Ford is coming back and teaming back up with so many all-star filmmakers makes us just want to sigh heavily and swoon longingly while we patiently wait for this magic to come to life again on the big screen.

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