Guys. Former Disney Channel star Anthony Lawrence, who played “Beans” on the Disney Channel show Even Stevens has been working as the assistant to a Mall Santa in Concord, CA.

In case you don’t remember, Even Stevens starred a young Shia Labeouf who played the mischievous Louis Stevens. Lawrence played Bernard “Beans” Aranguren, their pesky and annoying neighbor.

You know, this little dude:

Chauntelsrazorgallery snapped the photo, uploading it to Insta with the caption,

This Instagram user wasn’t the only one who got to spend some time with the former Disney Channel actor.

According to Buzzfeed, since first being spotted on Instagram by local fans, many have flocked to Santa’s Village in SunValley Mall. That’s where the former actor has been known to snap a few shots with local fans, and seems game for some more. Sorry Santa, that line around the block doesn’t seem to be for you.

Many may be wondering, why on Earth is this bonafide actor stepping into the role of Santa’s Number 2? A quick trip to his IMDB page may illuminate some answers. As it turns out, Lawrence is set to appear in an upcoming film called Holly, Jingles and Clyde 3D in which the actor will play Jingles the elf.

We’ve heard of actors going method for their roles — Daniel Day Lewis worked as a cobbler in far corners of Europe, Jim Carrey forced co-stars to call him “Andy” on set for Man in the Moon, but this is by far the most fun and playful way an actor could “get in the mood” yet.

We’re rooting for you, Beans. Now, could you hook a sister up with some VIP line cutting? My little cousins have been drafting their Santa Wish Lists since June.

(Images via Disney Channel, Instagram)