corgis, queen elizabeth II
Credit: Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Even as one of the most powerful women in history, even Queen Elizabeth II is not immune to the compelling cuteness of her corgis. That’s right: Even the Queen of England can’t help but fall victim to those big brown eyes and fluffy behinds, and she certainly can’t ignore them when they beg for a taste of whatever it is she’s eating.

In a profile by BT News, the British news source delved into the daily happenings of Her Majesty, hour-by-hour. And we couldn’t help but notice that during her 8:30 a.m. on-the-dot breakfast with her husband, Prince Phillip, the Queen admittedly slips corgi crew a few nibbles of her toast with marmalade in the morning. Yum!

Apparently, her brood of cute corgis also accompany the sovereign to her 5 o’clock tea time, where there on-site to help their mama nibble up any dropped bits of scones and pastries.


Now, no one can blame really the Queen here. Have you ever looked into a corgis eyes? They’re downright irresistible!

The Queen is a life-long corgi owner, having a corgi dynasty of her own that spans eight decades. Currently, she has keeps two corgis and two “dorgis,” aka corgi-dachshund hybrids.

Credit: Anwar Hussein/Getty Images

And hey — these are the royal corgis, certainly they’re entitled to a little spoiling and scraps of people food here and there.