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Turkeys are being prepared, potatoes are being mashed, and pies are being baked. Thanksgiving season is here. We are all dusting off our favorite Thanksgiving recipes, and our mouths are watering just thinking about it. Whether you’re celebrating the holiday with your family, or feasting over a fabulous Friendsgiving, you need some fabulous Turkey Day decor. You can find tons of fun options to make your Thanksgiving table crazy festive without busting your budget. For less than $25, you can find tons of awesome goodies like these ones on Etsy.

1. These pumpkins made from books will appeal to anyone with a literary bent.

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These pumpkins are made from books, and we love the DIY feel of them. And bonus points, because guests can find a bit of reading on your centerpiece. These pumpkins are available on Etsy from $8.99-$17.99 depending on size.

2. These mason jars in fall colors will be versatile and fabulous for the table.

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Mason jars have become a staple in all kinds of decorating, and we love the colors. The twine bows and buttons add a sweet, country detail that will make your table look perfectly rustic. This set of mason jars is available from Etsy for $20.00 here.

3. These adorable wooden turkeys will make your Thanksgiving guests smile.

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We don’t know whether we love the crooked eyeballs or the oversized beaks more, but these turkeys are adorable. The turkeys are available starting at $17.99 here.

4. These lovely napkin rings bring the cool fall leaves inside for the holiday.

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We love the beautiful palette of fall colors and the leaf details. Napkin rings are a simple, inexpensive way to make your table fancy. These are available from Etsy for $1.30 each.

5. These adorable pumpkins will remind everyone what this holiday is all about.

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The simple, sweet design keeps the pumpkins chic and understated, and it’s important especially this year to remind ourselves to find things to be thankful for. These pumpkins are available from Etsy for $24.50 here.

6. This elegant wall decal can transform your dining room in moments.

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Along the lines of the pumpkins above, we like that this decal reminds everyone to be thankful. Plus, the elegant script will class up your space. The decal is available on Etsy starting at $23.99 here.

7. These rustic candles will make both your eyes and your nose think of fall.

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These log-shaped candle holders scream, “the rustic outdoors” with thier rough, bark exterior. Add in a fall scented candle, and you’ll have fall inspiring several of your senses. These candles are available on Etsy for $16.00.

8. This adorable wine bag makes a great addition to the wine you bring to dinner.

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Not all of us get to host the big meal, so if you’re a guest, why not add a little fun to the wine that you bring? This wine bag is available from Etsy for $8.25.

9. These custom cloth napkins will keep things festive and classy, and your guests will thank you.

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We love the fun, graphic text, and if there’s any occasion to make an excuse for cloth napkins, it’s Thanksgiving. These napkins are available on Etsy for $24.00 for a set of four.

With these products, you’re practically ready for the big meal.

These Etsy gifts will ensure everyone has a happy and tasty Thanksgiving.