Credit: @slimepuffs

In case you don’t spend your days scrolling through your explore feed on Instagram, you should probably know that slime puffs are becoming very much A Thing™. And they’re so calming they could replace your meditation class. Like, take this for example: One slime puff account has nearly 20,000 followers, and the videos regularly get upwards of 50,000 views, sometimes going all the way to 100,000. Whoa. It might seem weird…until you watch it. Once you’re into it, it’s impossible to escape these adorable balls of slime and their fun effects. It’s actually so strangely calming. In this super stressful world, sometimes we just want to stare at relaxing art on Instagram.

Seriously, how amazing is this?

Major heart eyes.

Mmmm so squishy.

So much ooh-ing and ahh-ing.

So bizarrely soothing, right?!

We’re so amazed, guys.

Ugh, we just wanna squeeze ’em!

Time to make that dream come true.