They're much more thoughtful than a "congratulations!" text.

Mackenzie Dunn
Sep 16, 2020 @ 3:30 pm
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Of course, there is no right or wrong time of the year to get engaged, but recently it does seem like more couples are doing so in quarantine. Call it a happy coincidence brought on by the uncertainty of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic or simply chalk it up to true love; either way, the announcement of a new engagement is always an exciting one. And while giving an engagement gift to show your support and excitement isn't always necessary (or expected per se), it's a nice gesture to acknowledge your friends and loved ones who are ready to tie the knot—especially this year, with some couples unable to celebrate with an engagement party.

The key to a good engagement gift is getting something that both people in the relationship will appreciate or enjoy. To help give you some ideas, we included a list of thoughtful engagement gifts below. Here's to the happy couple!

Engagement Gift Ideas:


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This custom work of art commemorates the moment the couple's paths first crossed and symbolizes looking forward to walking down the same road together. 


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Remind the newly engaged couple to take a break from the stress of wedding planning and enjoy each other's company. This interactive journal provides prompts they can answer together, creating a time capsule of their relationship in the present moment. 


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With more couples spending time at home together, this pillow gives the perfect excuse to cuddle on the couch. The message acknowledges all they have built together and all that is to come. 


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Give the soon-to-be-bride a place to keep her precious new engagement ring with these hand-painted trinket trays. They're monogrammed, too, so if she's choosing to change her last name, you can select one to showcase her new initial. 


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Even if they aren't planning to hold a wedding for quite some time due to the coronavirus pandemic, it's never too soon for the couple to dream up what they want to say to each other when they officially tie the knot. Although these can also be used to jot down notes, memories, or ideas, either way, vow booklets are a thoughtful way to get the couple excited about their special day.


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If you're unable to toast in person, these personalized champagne flutes are the next best thing. They're classic and always a crowd-pleaser. 


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This retro-inspired instant camera is always a winning gift idea. Couples can use it to capture their memories together, in quarantine and beyond. 


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You can never go wrong with a quality candle. This one gives off notes of golden husk and water lily, making it the perfect year-round scent. Plus, the glass container basically doubles as art, so it will add some visual warmth to their home, too.


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Sure, indoor entertaining may be put on hold for right now, but that doesn't mean the newly engaged couple can't look forward to celebrating with the people they love in due time. Giving them one of these gorgeous serving platters is giving them a gift they'll probably actually use. 


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Finally, this frame can be used to house the couple's engagement photo or just a regular photo that they love. It's a beautiful memento that they'll have for years to come.