Jill Layton
February 12, 2015 12:34 pm

I’ve confessed this before, and I’m going to confess it again: I hate using emojis. I don’t hate receiving them, and I especially don’t hate the people who send them, but they don’t fit my personality enough to actually use them. If I use one, it’s usually a sarcastic move. I’m just not really a yellow circle face with sunglasses on type o’ gal and that’s ok, because I know I’m not alone.

Well someone else feels the way I do, and they took things a step further. They created special emojis, which they call “introjis,” for introverts or for anyone who feels feelings that are sometimes more introverted than extroverted (everyone). The truth is sometimes it’s hard to express your introverted feelings, like “no I don’t want to come to dinner with you because I need to stay home and watch my shows” but maybe these introjis can help. We absolutely love them. In a not too excitable kind of way, of course.

According to Fast Companythe mastermind behind this introji project is designer Rebecca Evie Lynch and it all came to her after a break up in which the ex-boyfriend cited a need for some alone time. Lynch says she was compelled to create a digital language that could convey to the more extroverted people in one’s life “that you need more time and space.” Right now the introjis are just a prototype but Lynch is curating a pretty brill Facebook page “Introji: Emoticons for Introverts” which features incredible status updates like:

She’s hoping that the introjis can become a free app soon.

The real beauty of introjis is that they allow people to express themselves, even when it feels like there’s nothing to express — because that in itself is an expression. Sorry, things just got really deep.

Here’s a glimpse at some of the introjis (there are 30 total right now) in all their introverted glory. We’ve also included their super spot-on introji names. Let’s make this an app, can we please? Or not. Whatever.

“I’m charging.”

“Fully charged!”

“I’m in a bubble and can’t get out.”

“Going away.”

“I’m in my bubble, and I’m OK!”

“Leaving the party”

“No to the invite, but thank you.”

“I like being invited!”

“Together alone.”

“Need more┬áinformation.”

“Social anxiety.”

“Giving you space.”

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