If you have a Twitter account, or have ever been on the site, then you know it can go one of two ways. Either you log on to some grade-A content with all your faves cheering and making you literally LOL. Or, you log on and cry because Twitter is a deep, dark hole of anxiety-inducing content. If you’re more likely to do the latter, then there may just be some hope for you.

Specifically, there’s an emoji bot making Twitter a little more lovable with tweets that consist of sweet gardens and the occasional animal trying to find its way through a floral maze.

EmojiMeadow is a Twitter bot created by Joe Sondow, and it tweets tiny meadows full of flowers and grass every few hours. Yes, really. If you’ve ever felt like your timeline needs some extra TLC, may we suggest following this fantastic bot? You’ll even get the occasional meadow with an animal thrown in.

Sondow, who also started the EmojiAquarium bot, has been receiving positive feedback for his creation, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t nervous about showing it to the world. In an interview with Mashable, he said, “To some degree it all felt a bit silly in the midst of our country’s second civil rights movement, but it was something I was itching to do as an artist, and it’s been helping to hone my Twitter automation skills for other uses.”

Just seeing these sweet mazes and gardens is making us feel better. How can you not think a chicken surrounded by flowers is soothing and adorable?

Twitter meadows forever.