Emma Watson graced the cover of Vogue UK for the September issue, and fans were all over the interview, in which she discussed a silent retreat she went on at a private facility in the Canadian Rockies. In the interview, Watson says, “I felt really uncomfortable, even before my relationship ended. I went on a silent retreat because I really wanted to figure out how to be at home with myself.” During the retreat, she took a vow of silence for a full week.

Many interpreted the Vogue article as being about Watson’s break, assuming that she went on the retreat to heal after splitting from her ex-boyfriend, Matthew Janney, an Oxford University rugby player. The pair supposedly broke things off sometime around December 2014, but Watson is speaking up now and clarifying that her retreat had nothing to do with her former beau. The interview also quotes Watson describing her breakup as “horrendous.”

In a Twitter Q&A session over the weekend, she personally set the record straight about what the retreat was really all about.

So, it turns out Watson’s retreat was just a meditation course where she became a certified yogi (as if she weren’t talented enough already). Watson might just be one of the classiest and most intelligent celebs out there (she’s a UN Goodwill Ambassador, people!), and we have to take her word for it when she says that she didn’t discuss her personal relationship with Vogue. Moral of the story: If you hadn’t figure it out by now, don’t believe everything you read, especially when it comes to celebs and their personal lives.

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