Teri Wilson
February 05, 2016 11:43 am

Be still our Hermione-loving hearts! An amazing artist from India has created an absolutely stunning painting of Emma Watson (queen!), and it’s so perfect that we’re having a hard time wrapping our minds around the fact that it’s not a photograph. To top off our surprise, Nehaal Gonsalves, the artist, is only 23 years old.

Set your eyeballs on the magnificence below…

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Unbelievable. We’re all about this painting, and we love what Nehaal Gonsalves, the artist, says about his subject. In the caption to his Facebook post, he writes, “I present to you Emma Watson, all over again, painted tediously since the start of this year in my free time. The last time I did a painting of her I felt like too much attention was being drawn to the clothing rather than the person, so I made an attempt to make this as real as possible, because after all she is perfection.”

Perfection, indeed. Mad props to Gonsalves for capturing Watson’s likeness in such a breathtaking way. If you’re wondering how it’s possible to create such a photorealistic painting, you’re not alone. We’re actually dying to know. Luckily, Gonsalves also posted a video of his painting process. And guys, it’s fascinating.

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Posted by Nehaal Gonsalves on Thursday, February 4, 2016

To see more of Gonsalves’ gorgeous artwork, check out his Instagram here.