Bridey Heing
Updated March 11, 2015 4:06 am

Alright, Gigglers, brace yourselves. We have some pictures that are going to make your Wednesday morning! On Friday, Emma Watson tweeted a picture of Matthew Lewis (aka, Neville Longbottom) that you have to see.

We love that all the HP stars support each other’s work and have remained super-tight. It’s not like Watson doesn’t have other stuff going on, but she still took the time to give a shout out to her former co-star, Lewis, and his new gig. (Note: Lewis is all grown up and pretty darn strapping now.)

Lewis stars in BBC3’s Bluestone 42, a comedy-drama about a bomb disposal team serving in Afghanistan. The show, which Lewis joined during the second season (or series if we want to use the BBC lingo), just returned to British TV on Monday. Lewis plays Gordon “Towerblock” House, an brainy ammunition technician who is described as having “a working class chip on his shoulder.” Sadly, U.S. fans will have to settle for some behind-the-scenes photos via Lewis, as the show isn’t airing here yet.

So here are a couple snaps he shared from the set via his Instagram:

Here’s another shot he shared on Insta from the set. Seriously, though. It took me a minute to recognize Neville in both of these!

For reference, remember when Neville/Lewis was just a wee lad?

Looks like he’s grown up (ahem, quite well) and doing awesome things. Not that we’re surprised. That whole HP gang have totally come into their own like the stars that they are.

(Images via, Twitter and Instagram)