Mollie Hawkins
Updated Jan 28, 2015 @ 1:00 pm

Emma Watson is a busy gal these days, and she’s quickly becoming one of our heroes with her HeForShe campaign. We all remember the inspirational (and kick-butt!) speech she gave last year at the U.N., and she’s been blazing the trail ever since with her stance on gender equality. Her “uncomplicated” approach to feminism is what makes Watson such a great role-model, especially to young women.

Last week during a #HeForShe Q&A via Twitter, Watson was happy to answer questions about her campaign. When one young girl asked Watson for advice to teenage girls whose parents want them to aspire to marry/have kids versus having a career, Watson simply replied, “Why not have both?”

Watson advocates above all else that we must have conviction, educate people that don’t understand the importance of feminism, and never give up. “Don’t expect change to happen overnight,” she explained, “even if its not always visible it’s making more impact than you think.”

A few men had questions for Watson as well, and one asked about her stance on women in the military. “Whatever the job is—if she can do it she should be able to,” she said. We agree!

And maybe the best advice Watson gave during the Q&A involved a young girl asking what she should do because her dad says she “can’t” become an engineer, because it’s a “man’s profession.” Watson simply states: “Become an engineer.”

Seriously, somebody get this girl a superhero cape!

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