Gina Vaynshteyn
March 03, 2015 5:45 am

It turns out that Ellie Kemper actually has more in common with her new character on The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (a show about a young woman who escapes from the clutches of a Doomsday’s cult, and gives her life a reboot in the overwhelming city of New York —it airs on Netflix this Friday!) than you would think. Like Kimmy, Ellie is also scared of and reluctant about certain aspects of life and technology. Like the looming, ever-present social media with which we tend to have a rocky, love-hate relationship.

Kemper told The Guardian, “I’m not active on social media. It’s scary and mysterious to me for so many reasons. It’s like high school but for adults! It’s horrible!” And we get where she’s coming from. The pressure to get likes and retweets on Twitter, to take the perfect Instagram of our eggs Benedict during brunch, and post flattering profile pictures on Facebook is VERY real.

Specifically concerning selfies, Kemper is totally baffled how this phenomena is STILL very much a thing after all these years of mastering our front camera lens. “I keep waiting for something to implode, and nothing has yet. But can this selfie phase really sustain itself? It’s insane. If you were an archaeologist and you reached this point in the dig, you’d be like: ‘Why did they think they were so great?’ Everything we do, we think is amazing. It’s so strange,” Kemper added. And we kinda have to agree. While the amount of selfies you take on a daily basis is totally your prerogative (I’m a selfie-addict, TBH), our obsession can make us admittedly anxious. The immediacy, the instant-gratification, the endless amount of filters at our disposal —when does it stop?!

The bottom line though? Ellie isn’t the only one stressing about social media. We’re all in this blessed mess together.

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