Ellie Goulding In Concert - Rosemont, IL
Credit: Getty Images/Daniel Boczarski

Ellie Goulding doesn’t have time to put up with body shamers and haters. She’s too busy ruling the music scene, taking care of her body, and enjoying life. In a recent interview with Flare magazine, Ellie admitted that she still deals with the trolls on her Instagram account.

Credit: Flare Magazine

I work out a lot; I’m proud of my body. I put up a picture of myself, and people are like, ‘Put it away; you’re supposed to be a good influence on young people,’” she said. “Young women should have the freedom to post a picture with no makeup and wearing a track suit or in full makeup and a tight dress.”

You tell ’em, Ellie.

This isn’t the first time the singer has been policed about her body though. Back in February, the website Metro misquoted Ellie, and insinuated that she was really unhealthy. false

Ellie even gets harshly judged in the music she releases. In her song “On My Mind,” she sings about having a consensual, super hot one-night stand. Not everyone was on board with the message, though. “I’ve experienced the misogyny that comes with writing songs… where I talk openly about a one-night stand,” she said. “It’s almost like girls aren’t allowed to have one-night stands, but I’m like, fuck that.”

Virtual high-five, Ellie!