After dominating the charts with singles like “Love Me Like You Do” and “Lights,” Ellie Goulding has finally touched down with some fresh new tunes.

The electro-pop songstress shared an artsy gif on Instagram this week to announce her forthcoming single, “On My Mind.” The fifteen second clip, while short, boasts a heart-pounding build followed by a powerful drop.

You won’t have to entertain this 15 second promo for long, though. A full release of the single is expected this Thursday, September 17. For those of you who still can’t believe it’s September and have thus forgone all of your calendar reading abilities, that means TOMORROW.

“On My Mind” will be apart of Ellie’s highly anticipated follow-up to her 2013 album, Halcyon Days. Though it’s tough to gauge the direction her new album based on this short teaser, it’s safe to say that Ellie is sticking to her electro-pop roots in some form or another. “It’s summery. It’s pop-y and it’s got a summer feeling, but it’s more of an end-of-summer feeling,” she told Refinery 29. “It’s kind of heartbreaking at times, but it’s also uplifting”.

Save for Fiona Apple’s “Pale September,” we’ve never been happier to have a few designated “end-of-summer” tunes to relish…and moody ones at that!

In addition to the new single, Ellie also hinted at (what seems to be) an incredible music video to accompany. “[I]t involves me and another girl who’s really hot and we’re sort of like Thelma & Louise,” she told Capital FM in August. “I guess [you’ll see it] in about a month’s time. I’m very excited about it.”

Please, puh-lease release this with the song on Thursday.

In the meantime, we’ll have our fingers and toes crossed for a Goulding-inspired Thelma and Louise reboot.

(Image via Instagram)