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The struggle with Saoirse Ronan’s name rages on, but Ellen DeGeneres is determined to clear things up once and for all. When the Irish actress appeared on Ellen yesterday, she talked about how it’s a difficult name to have, especially because it’s not pronounced at all how it’s spelled. As you can imagine, this is a challenge when it’s plastered all over movie posters. While Saoirse is graciously understanding about all of this, Ellen had had enough, giving the actress a giant sign that she can wear to set the record straight.

While unconventional for us in the US, the name actually holds a super touching Irish meaning. “It means freedom,” she told Ellen. “It’s an important meaning anywhere, but especially in Ireland it kind of holds a real importance for us.”

Perhaps one of the biggest pronunciation mess-ups of all time happened just recently. Poor Dennis Quaid accidentally butchered Saoirse’s name when he announced her Golden Globe nomination for Brooklyn, and prompted Ellen to create this perfect sign:


It’s stylish, it’s helpful, it definitely won’t get in the way. We expect to see Saoirse sporting this look on the red carpet for years to come.

But seriously, we’re sure that we’ll be hearing Saoirse’s name a lot more in the future, so people should start getting the hang of it. If they don’t, it’s nice to know the amazing actress will be able to just laugh it off.

Watch the interview below!

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