Tyler Vendetti
Updated August 04, 2015 1:05 pm

No matter how many times I try to convince myself that I can get up early, I still can’t find the strength within me to not press my snooze button a million times every morning. It’s become such a problem that I’ve actually set aside twenty minutes of my morning routine for “snooze time” so my desire to stay curled up under the covers doesn’t make me too late for work. Colin Furze, the YouTube star responsible for creating the two-in-one toasting knife “FurzoToasto” earlier this year, also struggles with this problem —so much so that he decided to invent his own solution: a custom bed frame that launches you across the room.

Using a pressurized air-compressor, Furze’s “High Voltage Ejector Bed” prevents tired sleepers from snoozing too long by literally flinging them off of their mattress. The device turns your bed into a mini-catapult that springs you across the room the second your alarm goes off. You can adjust the “voltage” of the bed depending on how much “oomph” you want in the morning. (AKA do you want to be subtly nudged off your bed or do you want to fly face-first into the opposing wall at 8AM? You decide.)

If you are such a heavy sleeper that being tossed at the wall like a pancake won’t wake you up, not to fear. The High Voltage Ejector Bed comes equipped with bright, flashing lights and an alarm that is sure to inspire noise complaints from your neighbors.

While Furze hasn’t put his contraption up on the market, he does provide a behind-the-scenes video that demonstrates how to construct your very own Ejector Bed so you can stop snoozing your life away. Take a look here:

Check out more of Furze’s wacky inventions on his YouTube page.

Featured image via Disney