Sundi Rose
Updated Dec 08, 2014 @ 3:18 pm

If it makes you feel any better, even the great scientific pioneer Marie Curie had haters. It didn’t matter that she won two Nobel Prizes for her work in two different categories, or that she was one of the leading physicists doing groundbreaking work in radioactivity, or that she essentially gave the world X-rays. What mattered to the trolls of 1911 (and yes, there were trolls even then) was her religious background, her relationship status—and let’s face it—the fact that she was a woman kicking ass in a male-driven field. They came after her for being remarkable and exceptional, and haters despise anyone who shines in unprecedented ways.

Marie Curie had plenty of people who supported her too, including Albert Einstein. Turns out, Einstein was smarter about a lot more than energy and matter; he could also diagnose brilliance when he saw it. Recognizing her genius and the weight of her contributions to the world, he stood up to the jerks. Having heard all he could from Madame Curie’s detractors, he wrote her a letter of support, essentially telling her to shake it off. The advice still holds up: “don’t read that hogwash.”

Next time you feel like the trolls are trying to get you down, remember that you are probably doing something right. Take it from Einstein: “leave to the reptile for whom it was fabricated.”

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