You know what tastes better than eggnog? Eggnog and alcohol. Specifically, eggnog Jell-O shots, which are basically little shots of eggnog jelly you can pop in your mouth. They’re creamy and spiced and taste like the very best kinds of Christmas, and you can create your very own using this recipe from Serious Eats.

All you need is all the regular ‘ole eggnog ingredients (aka, eggs, sugar, whole milk and heavy milk [don’t punk out on this one, 2 percent does NOT yield the same results], nutmeg), rum of your choice (may I suggest Sailor Jerry’s?), and unflavored gelatin.

If you aren’t up to making eggnog from scratch, no worries, mate! You can use the store-bought kind, too. You’ll still need gelatin, and you’ll still need rum. Gelatin you can find at the grocery store as well, and I’m not here to judge where you buy your alcohol.

Interested? Check out the full recipe here.

If you’re hosting or going to a holiday party this weekend, now you know exactly what to bring. Cheers!

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