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It’s finally here, you guys! The Gilmore Girls cookbook we’ve been excited about since March dropped today and we. can’t. stop. cooking!

Packed full of the show’s most memorable recipes — from salmon puffs to good old-fashioned cheeseburgers — Eat Like a Gilmore: The Unofficial Cookbook for Fans of Gilmore Girls will have you chowing down like Rory and Lorelai, whether they’re eating at Luke’s Diner or sitting across the table from Richard and Emily on Friday night.

Author Kristi Carlson, a lifelong Gilmore fan, decided to create the book in 2015 after “waiting for a cookbook so I could try all of the Gilmore foods.” When no such book hit the market — between the show’s premiere in 2000 and the 15 years thereafter — Carlson launched a Kickstarter to create the book herself.

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With a legion of supporters around the globe, Carlson was able to raise over $47,000 – and every single penny went into making this the high-quality book Kristi always dreamed of housing in her kitchen. Carlson explains why it was important to her to create the book: “I hope it serves to tie people’s lives in with the characters they love, and helps them experience life in small town Connecticut,” she says.

Credit: Eat Like a Gilmore

Based on the fact that fans have already started posting photos of their Gilmore concoctions, it sounds as though Carlson has succeeded! (One women even explained to Kristi that this is her very first cookbook and that she’s actually been inspired to get in the kitchen because of it!)

Just look at this beauty:

Credit: Eat Like a Gilmore

Ready to get into the kitchens you’ve known and loved on Gilmore Girls? Pick up Eat Like a Gilmore from Amazon for $15.46 — then let us know how your recipes turn out!