Rachel Paige
July 25, 2016 2:42 pm

Over the weekend, Once Upon A Time dropped the opening scene of Season 6 at San Diego Comic-Con, revealing that Aladdin and Jafar are coming to the show (Princess Jasmine, too, though she sadly wasn’t in the scene that was screened). This major introduction to the show reveals that Aladdin was (IS?) a savior, just like our Emma Swan, and he and Jafar do not get along.

There’s also one other thing in the scene, that you might not have picked up on. There’s a caged red bird in the corner.

ABC, HelloGiggles

A caged red bird…like Jafar’s wisecracking, loud-mouth bird, IAGO?


HelloGiggles got the chance to sit down with OUAT showrunners Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis at Comic-Con, and couldn’t help bringing up the red bird. Because hey, if Aladdin was your favorite Disney movie growing up, and Iago is one of your favorite Disney characters ever, and you plan to name your first dog Iago, you kinda need to know if Iago is making his way into Storybrooke.

“That was a very clever thing to notice,” Kitsis said, clearly surprised that I had just asked IS THAT RED BIRD IAGO?

“I’ll say about the red bird in that scene, if you pay attention to it, it comes back,” Horowitz added.

Not exactly a confirmation that this is Iago, but not necessarily denying that it’s Iago, either. A big thing to note is that Iago, in the Disney movie, is a parrot, while this bird appears to be a cardinal, or even a red canary. There’s always a chance that this caged red bird could simply be a caged red bird.

So, will we hear this bird talk? Will he complain about being fed crackers? We’ll just have to tune in when OUAT returns on September 25th, 2016.