Olivia Harvey
November 03, 2017 9:33 am
VladimirFLoyd / Getty Images

Hello! Welcome back to this week’s episode of Adventures in Earwax Extraction! On today’s show, we have audiologist Neel Raithatha removing a horrifying amount of earwax from his patient’s ear. It’s truly so gross, but you won’t want to look away from this earwax removal video.

Seriously, though — who thought to film earwax extractions and put the footage on YouTube? And why can’t we stop binge-watching all of said videos when we should be doing literally anything else? These are mysteries that may never be solved, and honestly, we’re not really mad about it.

The below video from Mr. Neel Raithatha on YouTube has already garnered over 91,000 views in the few months it’s been on the internet. The client in the video has incredibly hairy ears and acquired so much wax buildup that he experienced hearing loss.

Fortunately, Raithatha gave his client a much-needed clean out via Endoscopic Ear Suction (E-suction) — AKA a tiny earwax vacuum.

To prevent this minor wax disaster from happening to you, avoid using Q-tips at all costs. We know they feel good and you think you’re doing a good thing, but stop! You’re not! Q-tips can actually force wax further into your ear, which could potentially cause the wax to buildup on your eardrum and could therefore affecting your hearing.

Yeah, pretty gross yet extremely satisfying, huh? As fun as it was to watch, we wouldn’t want to be in that client’s shoes. Foreign objects in our ears gives us the heebie-jeebies.

And if you liked that video, Raithatha has a full library full of nasty earwax extractions. One of our new faves is this one —


Guys, do yourselves a solid and quit it with the Q-tips. Otherwise, you’ll be Raithatha’s next victim — er, patient!