Nicole Pomarico
April 20, 2018 12:32 pm

Most holidays might be behind us right now, but on Sunday, an important one is coming up. On April 22nd, it’s Earth Day 2018, and that means it’s time to show the planet we call home a little appreciation. Sometimes, doing your part to spread the word is the best way to do that, and if you’re looking for Earth Day quotes for your Instagram caption, you’ve come to the right place.

There’s a lot we need to worry about right now when it comes to Earth — there’s global warming, pollution, and all kinds of animals are becoming endangered or extinct because of humans not treating the planet the way we should. That means it’s even more critical that we see our planet as it truly is, as a beautiful place to live. Maybe if we can do that, we can show people (like our social media followers) how important it is to take care of and be conscious about the footprint our actions are leaving on the Earth, long after we’re gone.

Just in case you need a few Earth Day quotes to share, the ones we have below would make awesome captions. Let’s be real — if we’re going to celebrate National Margarita Day, shouldn’t we also show the planet a little love, too?

1. This is a very good point:

2. Bill Nye is always right:

3. There is only Planet A:

4. We all have to share:

5. The trees give us so much more than WiFi:

6. An earth pledge:

7. When you want to make sure your point is heard:

8. Every bit counts:

9. That belief isn’t true, by the way:

10. Better start now:

11. Basically anything from The Lorax:

12. It’s good for the soul:

13. There’s only one boat:

14. The Earth was never ours:

15. Nature knows all:

16. And there are a lot of wonders of the universe:

17. Sorry about the garbage :/

The Earth is an awesome place, and we are so lucky we get to live here. Happy Earth Day!