For most people, forests aren’t the most welcoming of environments. Spiders, creatures, spooky ghosts, oh my! This is where all of the scary stories from our youth take place, and rightfully so — you can never tell what EXACTLY creeps beneath the surface from first glance.

A video that’s recently been making the rounds online has confirmed this suspicion by displaying the grassy floor of a Nova Scotia forest to look like it’s “breathing like a snoozing giant.” No, really. We swear.

According to CBC News Nova Scotia, Brian Nuttall was out for an afternoon stroll in Apple River, Cumberland County, when he caught sight of the incredible effect and quickly whipped out his smart phone.

Today, the video has attracted over 3 million views. Though of course as realistic as the video seems that creepy magic is afoot, the actual explanation is much simpler than all that.

The cause for the spooky effect is said to be from loosened roots from the local trees that have spread out over the forest floor and separated over time. According to CBC News, The root systems aren’t as tightly wound as they normally are, causing wind that passes through them to force a sway resembling the “breathing.”

Though even with that perfectly scientific explanation, a creepy forest is still a creepy forest. You do you, Brian, but this baby reporter’s staying indoors.

Take a look and see for yourself:

(Images via YouTube