Bridey Heing
July 07, 2015 7:27 am

When it comes to adopting a dog, most people look for a young, healthy dog who can be part of the family for years to come. But Nicole Elliot, of Columbus, Georgia decided to go in another direction. She recently saw a post from Animal Ark Rescue, looking for hospice care for one of their elderly and ill dogs. After a bit of soul searching, Elliot decided to give Chester, who is dying from cancer, a loving home for his final days and an awesome bucket list to complete. Cue sobbing.

“I decided it would be an amazing experience to take on… I knew that it would be my responsibility to make his final days the best I could, to mine and his ability,” she told WTVM. And that’s exactly what she’s doing. 

Chester’s Final Journey, a Facebook page Elliot set up, chronicles the sweet puppy’s little adventures.

He’s gone for rides in the car, had a spa day, hit the beach, eaten hot dogs, made fellow puppy friends and enjoyed a ton of treats.

“I am trying to give him the normal doggy experiences that he may have never had the chance to do before, and a ton of spoiling,” she shared.

Finding a home for an elderly dog is never easy, but particularly for a dog who isn’t expected to live much longer. Chester has had surgery to remove tumors, but more have grown back. He’s also heart worm positive, although he doesn’t appear to be in any pain, according to Elliot.

“He is still so sweet and as perky as he could be,” she told WTVM.

That’s a huge difference from when Elliot first adopted him. Elliot posted a dramatic picture of Chester before and after his adoption. It shows what a little love and some much needed care can do for a dog.

Elliot’s decision to bring him into her family’s home and make sure he’s as comfortable and happy as possible is truly a heartwarming act. We hope Chester and his family have a wonderful and magical time, and that Chester knows just how much he is loved!

(Images via Facebook)


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