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As someone who works multiple jobs across a very large city, I’ve gotten quite used to snacking on the go. My go-to these days is onigiri, the Japanese rice balls filled with everything from roe (fish eggs) to fried chicken, and usually gussied up with some seaweed. It’s the kind of single-serving snack wonder that sates your stomach and is easy on your wallet. Oh, and they’re freakin’ delicious:

Now, Refinery29 has put together a roundup of other international one-serving snack wonders, and suffice it to say, we’re hangry for them all.

Nine women living around the world share their favorite snacks, and um, we’re just going to highlight some of them along with the best food porn that Instagram has to offer:

Italy: “The best snack ever is a piece of mozzarella di bufala wrapped up in a very thin slice of prosciutto san daniele.”

Uganda: “Another great Ugandan snack…is a Rolex — an egg omelette rolled in between two chapattis. A Rolex is all the more delicious when accompanied by a cup of African tea — which means a black tea bag dipped in hot milk, with sugar and delicious spices like ginger and clove.”

(This submission also mentioned grasshoppers, but if there’s one foodstuff America has yet to embrace, it’s insect-based cuisine.)

Iceland: “Flatkaka með hangikjöti … is a snack that Icelandic kids often take to school — it’s a flat bread, and on top of it you put smoked lamb, which is a bit salty but tastes delicious.”

Along with the snacks from countries listed above, I also have to throw these into the mix:

Japanese dango, or sticky-sweet rice cakes on a stick

Chinese spiced lamb skewers

Tunisian lablabi, a chickpea stew

For more street food and snack ideas, I turn your browser over to this Lucky Peach street food issue. Happy international eating, y’all.