Trilby Beresford
April 09, 2016 10:27 am

Drew Barrymore is a lovely human who adores her children with every fiber of her being. It was just days ago that she performed the ultimate tribute to her daughters Olive and Frankie, by tattooing their names on her wrist. Now she’s posted a photo on Instagram of her mother-daughter yoga class, complete with 3-year-old Olive on the yoga mat.

But little Olive has swapped out her traditional exercise attire for something more eye-catching: Princess Elsa’s blue dress from Disney’s beloved Frozen (duh!).And it certainly stands out.

Drew captioned the photo, “Princess Elsa came to our mother-daughter yoga class. #magicdays, #iloveolive.” On the right hand side, you can see that Drew is “letting it go,” so this must have been a satisfying yoga session (do you think they broke out into song?).

Although Drew recently announced her separation from art consultant Will Kopelman, she has stated that the changes and difficult transitions in their family won’t jeopardize the happiness of their children, who are their top priority. If you look at Drew’s Instagram account, you’ll see that it’s full of positive vibes about her loved ones and life in general, and she frequently recognizes how grateful she is to have supportive family and friends by her side.

Princess Elsa Olive and her sister Frankie are lucky to have such a great mom.