Pregnant woman taking a nap on her couch at home
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Dreams about being pregnant are pretty common. Oftentimes, people will look for the hidden meanings and messages behind what their dreams are trying to tell them, especially if it occurs over and over again. If you keep having dreams about being pregnant, a dream analyst says that could mean something really great for you.

If you start having pregnancy dreams and you’re not anywhere near ready to start having kids, it can understandably freak you out a bit. But according to Loewenberg, there’s no need to worry — unless you have in fact been engaging in unprotected sex.

Finding meaning behind your dreams requires looking into a lot of the symbolism. For instance, pregnancy equates to birth and newness. So when you dream about being pregnant when you’re neither pregnant nor trying, Loewenberg says it often means there’s something “in the works” for you.

“Something is growing and developing and beginning to take form,” she says. This could be anything from working on a degree to a new, growing relationship. “The subconscious mind equates new developments in our life to pregnancy because these new developments (like a pregnancy) take some time to grow. They require nurturing and care on our part, and when done well, the end result is a ‘new life’ for the dreamer.”

Dreaming about pregnancy is one thing. But what about the dreams you have when you are pregnant? As Loewenberg found out through her research, these are the most common dreams women have when they’re pregnant.

1. First Trimester

During the first few weeks of pregnancy, women will commonly dream about fish and other “water-dwelling creatures.” According to Loewenberg, those types of dreams represent the state of the embryo. Dreaming about vegetation is also common, since it represents fertility and that fact that you are being “fruitful and multiplying.”

Dreaming about your own mother while you’re pregnant is also pretty common. “It represents your new role as mom,” Loewenberg says. “If Mom is a helpful character in the dream, that means you are feeling positive about your pregnancy and feel things are going well. If Mom is a negative or helpless character in the dream, you may be having anxiety over your pregnancy or something surrounding it — perhaps even doubting yourself and your ability to handle the mom role.”

2. Second Trimester

Women in their second trimester commonly have dreams about puppies and bear cubs, which represents the state of the fetus (i.e. big cute head, little body). Some women will even dream about having a see-through belly. That may indicate impatience over not being able to really see and hold the baby just yet.

But above all, women in their second trimester tend to have a lot of sex dreams. “Hormones may be crazy at this point in a woman’s pregnancy,” Loewenberg says. “The mom-to-be may be very randy in real life!”

3. Third Trimester

During this time, some common dreams include forgetting the baby — which indicates anxiety over this new huge responsibility a mom-to-be will have in her life — and a baby being born with teeth or talking. That just means she’s eager to communicate with her new child.

This one might scare you, but death is another common theme that happens during the third trimester. But all it really means is a woman letting go of her old life and old habits in order to embrace her new life as a mom.

Death is the end of life, but to the “dreaming mind,” death is the end of life as you now know it. These are particularly common in the third trimester because nothing will be the same. “How you identify with yourself will be different, your relationships, habits and spending will change. Your perspective on life will change,” Loewenberg says. So there’s nothing to really worry about there.

Dreams aren’t typically meant to be prophetic. They can be. But for the most, dreams are a great way to clue you in to the major things that are happening in your life.