Scarlet Meyer
Updated Feb 12, 2017 @ 10:41 am
the office moment
Credit: NBC Universal Television

There really isn’t anything better than seeing parents being awesome with their children. It is always so comforting to see a parent doing well by their families.

And this viral post with a sweet husband and his newborn baby is certainly no exception.

Of course, the image is both hilarious and heartfelt since his wife is clearly passed out in the background. But, TBH, we’ve all been that exhausted at some point. So there’s nothing to be embarrassed of.

This message is truly awesome. First of all, it’s wonderful to hear that this man overcame testicular cancer and now has a beautiful baby. But we also definitely agree that it should be totally normal for a husband to take care of their kid. And this guy is reminding people to step up – which is awesome! Even if his wife may not love the less-than-flattering candid moment he captured of her.

We especially love this message in time for Valentine’s Day.

And sometimes that means just stepping up so they can nap.