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When Drake’s dad speaks, we listen — except when he’s spewing blatant nonsense about how Drake and Rihanna are just friends. There comes a time in every mature adult’s life when you have to plug your ears and sing “LA LA LA!” to the high heavens because we refuse to believe that #AubRih isn’t just a pretend couple we’ve all made up in our heads.

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Apparently, TMZ caught Dennis Graham (aka, Champagne Papi, Sr.) out an about and decided to get his opinion on his son’s love life as it relates to Rihanna.

“They’re friends, they’ve been friends for years,” Graham said of the nature of Drake and Rihanna’s relationship. OK, so that’s obvious, but not quite potent enough to destroy our stealth belief in #AubRih. We’re pretty sure they’re about to take this romance to this next level and settle all the way down, except they’re not, says Papa Drake.

“I don’t know about settling down. No, they’re friends,” he said. As if that wasn’t difficult enough to hear, Graham deals the final, devastatingly harsh blow by declaring that the “relationship” we’ve all fawned over for, like, EVER, is really non-existent.

His exact words were, “There’s no relationship, they’re friends.”

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Like, for real, Drake’s dad?! How do you explain their undeniable chemistry, that googly-eyed VMAs kiss or Rihanna’s Drake-themed tattoo?

Wait a sec: We don’t owe anyone an explanation for our beliefs and we definitely don’t need Drake’s dad to co-sign Aubrih in order to know it’s real, thankyouverymuch. WE KNOW IN OUR HEARTS. Besides, Mr. Graham has plenty of stuff on his agenda like stuntin’ on Instagram, working on his album and well, being Drake’s dad. Those activities are a lot more productive than being a dream killer — we’re just sayin’.