Drake new album

Drake is no stranger to the surprise album release; his latest, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, became a bona fide cultural phenomenon after its unwarned March drop. Now, the charismatic Canadian rapper is finally dropping a long-awaited collaboration album with rapper Future, and he’s turned to his favorite social media platform (Instagram, if you hadn’t guessed) to reveal the details.

Titled What A Time To Be Alive (a name that would seem to be a better fit for Lana Del Rey than Drake, but nevermind), the album is a long-simmering project between the two rappers. After landing the lone feature on Future’s Dirty Sprite 2 (which used a stock photo for its album cover, and seems to be the case here as well), Drake seemed keen to work with the gloomy Atlantan rapper.

What A Time To Be Alive drops tonight at 8 pm EST, on Apple Music’s OVO Sound radio, and then on iTunes. If you’re not watching the Emmys, tune in then; or do both at the same time, live your best life, and get ready to crank these tunes up.

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Images via Instagram.