Gabi Conti
Updated Jul 23, 2014 @ 11:24 am

Growing up in the ’90s, your role model may have gone by the name of, “Barbie.” And like a true ’90s girl, with a quick wardrobe change, Barbie could really be anything you wanted her to be. As long as you didn’t cut off all her hair, draw on her with Magic Markers and rip off all her appendages. Barbie had quite an impressive resumé: astronaut, doctor, the president, the possibilities were endless. Well, it was actually more endless if you wanted her to be a princess of some sort. But when it came to warrior Barbies, the pickings were slim at your local Toys “R” Us. Well times have changed.

Meet Dragon Slayer Barbie, who is beyond awesome and here’s why.

Don’t you wish you had this growing up / Is it weird if you bought this now? (We won’t judge you.) These badass designs are available to download for $30. Oh. . . and you need a 3D printer. Just think: some day the fine print of, “3D printer required,” will be the new, “batteries not included.” But seriously, who has a 3D Printer and can we be best friends?

Dragon Slayer Barbie has a three-outfit collection. There’s Athena, Parade Armor and Plate Armor. They were all designed by Jim Rodda after a failed attempt to make My Little Pony-compatible glitter canyons.

So Rodda took his idea to Kickstarter where Dragon Slayer Barbie was born. His page includes an adorable video where a town of Legos is being attacked by a dragon (played by a dinosaur.. an acceptable substitution we would’ve made as kids). As Lego man asks Barbie, who is resting with cucumbers on her eyes like a true Queen, for help, she gets right to it and designs her dragon slayer outfit, which is everything.

This collection really is the best. One of the ensembles comes with a bow and arrow… and by arrows I mean Q-Tips. Watch your back, Katniss.

Another has a Medusa shield and gold kicks that would make people who wait on line to buy sneakers jealous. (But seriously can I get a pair of these in a size 8?)

In conclusion, Dragon Slayer Barbie is the coolest. If only she existed when I was kid, then maybe I would’ve made better life choices. Also, I’d like to take a moment of silence for our childhoods that were deprived of 3D printers. CAN YOU IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES?!

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