Don't worry, we've found some dogs in wigs to start your day off right

Dogs.  They’re so flippin’ cute.  But you know what’s even cuter than just a plain old dog?  A plain old dog in a wig. Dare you not to smile as you scroll through these painfully funny photos of dogs with fake hair. No seriously, we dare you.

1) This dog in a wig is tapping into her inner flower puppy.

“I like tooootally vibe with these far out flowers.”

2) These dogs were up for the role of twin boys Nicky & Alex on Full House, but they didn’t make the cut.

“Aw, nuts!”

3) This dog has so much on her mind.

“OH. MY. GAWD.  Was that kibble I ate this morning was gluten-free?!?!”

4) This dog is bringing ’80s hair back in a major way.

“If I don’t move or blink, my hair will stay this big all day.”

5) This dog is on her way to The Hamptons, OK?

“Charles and I will be spending the summer on our luxury yacht, so don’t bother calling…”

6) This dog is probably a lead guitarist in a killer metal band.

“The music!  It’s like totally speaking to me, man!”

7) This dog is actually a time traveler from 1975.

“Can you dig it?!”

8) This dog in a wig is quietly judging you.

“Oh… you’re wearing that?!  I see.”

9) This dog thinks he’s Justin Bieber circa 2010.

“Baby!  Baby!  Baby! Ohhhh…”

10) This dog in a wig sells her original clothing designs on Etsy.

“This blouse is 100% hand-made by me!”

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