Ever notice how sleepy dogs are, like, ALL THE TIME?! What are they so busy with that they get so very tired? It’s a question for the ages and one we’re not here to answer. What we’re here to do is to show you how very sleepy some dogs can be.

“Eh.. not a pillow, but it will do.”

“If I can sleep kinda squinty-eyed like thiiiiissss…maybe they’ll just think I’m going for a Clint Eastwood thing…”

“I’m done.”

“This looks like a good place to pee…errr…nap…”

“Of course I’m still listen…inggg…zzzzz….”


“This is a great apartment you’ve got here. Great location. Great kitchen. Great cooouuuucccchhh…”

“TREAT! Treat! Treeaaaattt…”

“Hmm.. I like this new pillow.”

“This one’s good, too.”

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