Rachel Charlene Lewis
January 08, 2017 3:23 pm

While we have a soft spot for cats (because, well, they know our souls, as we, too, are cats), there’s something about the warmth and friendliness of dogs that makes them our absolute best friends. And we just made a new bestie! We were scrolling through puppies on Instagram, one of our favorite pastimes, of course, when we came across an absolutely precious pup.

See, this dog’s tongue is always hanging out, and our hearts can hardly stand it. HE’S SO CUTE! TG for these Instagram famous puppies.

Meet Elmer, the most handsome dog in town!

Now, this dog’s tongue is always hanging out, and we’re bursting with cuteness.

This is such a precious little cutie!

Our hearts are so full just looking at him!

So much awwwwww!

He loves to cuddle, and he loves nature, so naps outside are heaven for this little guy.

And he loves making new friends, too. He’s so popular!

Just look at this sweet face!

We just wanna kiss him right on that teensy nose.

The best part is that Elmer is available for adoption!!!

You can apply to adopt Elmer now!