The Dodo
December 09, 2014 2:58 pm

This post was written by Stephen Messenger on The Dodo.

Some rules are made to be broken — others, bent ever so slightly.

Here are 10 civilly disobedient dogs who are pushing the boundaries when it comes to following orders to keep out of the kitchen.

“Were you cooking something delicious? I hadn’t noticed.” 

“Oh would you look at that, my paw slipped.” 

“This step isn’t technically part of the kitchen. Go ahead, call the architect.”
“So, what sort of leeway can I expect here, you know, as a puppy?”
“You’re cool with this, right?”
“Am I really in the kitchen if two-thirds of me is ‘out’ of the kitchen?” 

“Rules, schmules. Look at this face.”
“Good, you’re home. Oh, and you brought takeout. Listen, we need to talk . . . ” 
“You know, we could end this silliness right now. Just say the word.”
“And what happens if I do . . . this?”

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