It turns out those warnings from mom were true — at least in the case of one basset hound from Chicago, IL. Bosley is known among friends for his antics and silly faces, often looking authority in the eye with a crooked smile or exposed tongue.

“No one minds a little playfulness, but we were concerned,” says Molly Feinstein, a source close to the situation. “He was making funny faces at least once an hour, every single day. It was only a matter of time before one of them stuck.”

On Sunday morning, Bosley met his own reflection with a gasp.

“It was his ‘crazy puss’ face, and he could no longer turn it off,” says Feinstein. “He consulted a few doctors to see if it could be corrected. They all told him it should fade over the next few weeks.”

Bosley is reportedly minimizing his social and professional contact until then.

Submitted by Steph Krout.